Wayfinding Signage and Seating for GLOBE LANE coming in 2023!

ORBIT, a series of three wayfinding and seating elements that link the passageway, whilst paying homage to the lane’s name, after the popular Globe Club and Theatre which once stood at the entrance to the lane. Unique to this theatre was the spectator’s relationship between indoor and outdoor space, the framing of the sky, amidst the performance within. ORBIT is inspired by Globe Lane’s history, encouraging the pedestrian to look up with a greater awareness of the sky and the space around them.

ORBIT is uniquely both 2D and 3D, at one time it is both flat and spatial. The three elements command a compelling presence in GLOBE LANE. Its functionality as wayfinding and seating orients the pedestrian into the laneway and forms a passageway between Crown St Mall and Burelli St, serving as a magnet of activity and a playful connective element to be explored by those visiting Globe Lane.