TIME TRAVELLER an installation exploring global timezones shortlisted for 2022 Brisbane World Science Festival

The spinning of the earth on its axis is what allows humans to survive on our planet, thought to be the only planet able to maintain life. This rotation is what defines our hours, days, and nights, as well as having an effect on temperature and seasonal changes.

What is interesting is that all 6 billion people living across the globe experience the invisible phenomena of time differently. When we experience daylight on one side of the globe, the other side, shrouded in darkness, is asleep. A New York Christmas and a Sydney Christmas look and feel completely different, one white and snowy with temperatures dropping to as low as 0 degrees Celsius, the other hot and humid with celebrations happening on the coast line in an attempt to keep cool in up to 40 degree heat.

World maps, aerial satellite images, 3D renderings, video animations and models, have all attempted to capture this effect from a diagrammatic perspective, using shadows and lines to illustrate the changing times across the globe. However, there is yet to be an experiential understanding of time zones, mapped out at the scale of the human body. Though physically impossible to be in more than one time zone at a time, Office Feuerman would like to create this experience for the World Science Festival Brisbane.