Sculpture by the Sea Review - Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)

Succah by the Sea was featured in the Spectrum liftout of the weekend edition of the Sydney Morning Herald!

An excerpt from the review:
“*The second special component of this year’s show is called Succah by the Sea, which relates to the Jewish holiday called Succot. One of the ways the holiday is celebrated is by taking up temporary residence in a structure based on the dwellings of the Israelites during their years of wandering. Six of these “succahs” have been designed by six local architecture firms. They form a makeshift village in the centre of Marks Park, emphasising the close ties between sculpture and architecture.

Each succah has its own character. Lucy Humphrey has attended closely to the temporary nature of such structures with an elegant pavilion of wooden poles, while Rafaello Rosselli has made a structure from large blocks of sandstone and wood. I wouldn’t like to be tying Rosselli’s succah onto the donkey’s back when it was time to move on.

The succah may have its origins in Jewish tradition but it addresses the plight of homeless people and refugees the world over. It’s a simple idea that allows for infinite variations of form and meaning.*”

See art critic John McDonald’s full review here: