'Redefining rituals', ABC News Article

Office Feuerman, Artistic Directors of Succah by the Sea got a write-up on ABC News exploring our most recent project ‘Succah by the Sea’ as part of Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2019.
We were invited to participate by Shalom, an organisation dedicated to increasing the vibrancy in the Sydney Jewish community and we chose six emerging architecture practices to interpret the succah and by effect, redefining its rituals.

Some excerpts from the article:
“Judaism is very much about ritual and redefining ritual and inviting everyone to participate,” says William Feuerman, the artistic director of the Succah by the Sea exhibition…It’s not just for the Jewish community.”

“For Mr Feuerman, being involved with the project was a chance to reconnect with his own tradition. Redefining rituals is “something that architects really love to do”, Mr Feuerman says, and succahs lend themselves to architecture through interesting “rules and constraints” about how they should be built.”

Check out the link here: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-20/lucy-humphrey-architect-succahs-by-the-sea-sculpture-by-the-sea/11608042