PRISM WALL one of five finalists for the City of Sydney AIDS Memorial in Green Park

Crystal prisms reflect and refract light to brighten their surroundings. They alter the atmospheric quality of a space by changing the way light typically travels. Light bends when it passes through a transparent material, and in a prism, a spectrum of colours appear and disappear.

In one of the most sun-bathed corners of Green Park, PRISM WALL emerges as an illuminated object generating brilliant rainbows, beams of light, and distinct shadows through different levels of transparency. Over 200 crystal prisms, visible from St Vincent’s Hospital, form a continuously morphing spectrum of refractions and reflections that paint the park in rainbows.

Based on the location of the sun in the sky, the prisms create visible light patterns, which give expression to the natural invisible forces which exist within Green Park. The movement of the sun creates ever changing beams of light, and determines the amount, direction, and behaviour of kaleidoscopic light formations projected onto the ground.