Office Feuerman shortlisted for new International Sports Park in Blacktown

Office Feuerman proposes MOTION-BLUR, a beacon and immersive gateway situated near the entrance of the ICTE building, enhancing this new landmark location for the Sportspark. MOTION-BLUR activates the pedestrian pathway along Olympic Boulevard, embracing the pathway on both sides with three structurally independent but overlapping structures. As such, a pedestrian approaching on foot will be oriented towards the entrance of the ICTE as they move through the three structures.

These structures work in two ways. When seen from a distance—on foot or by car—they create an orienting beacon that direct visitors to Blacktown International Sportspark toward the new ICTE building. When experienced from closer, by pedestrians approaching the building, the structure creates a sheltering passageway, one that both inspires a moment of pause and then of acceleration into the building complex and all that it offers.