Office Feuerman's coastal artwork shortlisted for Robert Dunn Reserve Northern Beaches Council

When the land and the sea meet at the coast, the invisible natural forces such as wind and sunlight become more evident. Wind pushes crashing waves onto the shoreline, creating ripples and swirls of green, blue and white. When the sun rises and sets over the horizon, reds, oranges, and yellows emerge and blend with the purples and pinks of the sky as a patchwork of colours that are never the same. SPECTRUM aims to highlight Robert Dunn Reserve’s spectacular views out to its own unique horizon through an artwork which samples the colours of the Mona Vale landscape at different times of the day.

From a distance the work signposts the park, tall enough to be seen from afar whilst maintaining sightlines toward the coast. Up close, the work interacts with sunlight to create dynamic patterns and shadows on the ground, which change as the sun moves across the sky. The artwork stands as a gateway and a frame, to both articulate and celebrate the views out to the ocean, whilst guiding people towards the park to further explore the headland.