LANE CHANGE is now up at Brimbank Aquatic Centre

LANE CHANGE is an interactive and immersive object which invites users to stop, discover, and stay for a while. The work emerges from the entry of the Brimbank Aquatic Centre, standing tall as a new landmark for the community.

LANE CHANGE links the themes of water and energy with the pool lane divider, a universal symbol of aquatic centres. The work expands this object into an inhabitable environment, reproducing the experience of being immersed in water.

A series of reflective rings are rotated and stacked to capture, mirror and reflect light. The unique material properties and geometry, creates a myriad of effects including playful light patterns projected on the surrounds. As the sun rises and sets, LANE CHANGE produces dancing light formations of ripples and waves. The work reproduces a moment in time, an experiential immersion in water, but on land.