ETERNAL VINE for Hindmarsh Lane selected as finalist

As a tree without its roots or trunk, ETERNAL VINE becomes part of the changing ecosystem of vines that will envelope the overhead canopy in Hindmarsh Lane. The work highlights the deciduous cycles of summer, autumn and winter. Despite the temporality of the seasonal growth around it, ETERNAL VINE will always exist, serving as a continuous reminder of the natural surroundings.

ETERNAL VINE forms an appropriation of a creeping serpent, but its effects operate beyond just a sculptural object. The work is an apparatus that serves as a machine for viewing the surroundings, inviting users to stop, interact and explore. The work’s reflective and porous exterior reveals hints of an interior landscape with changing colours, images, and patterns. Looking up, ETERNAL VINE manipulates and reconditions our perceptions of the surrounding environment, like a kaleidoscope, whilst simultaneously extending ethereal effects into the lane.