'Double Vision' part of Melbourne Test Sites

Double Vision provided an excellent opportunity through which Office Feuerman could further explore ideas around (in)attention within public spaces.

The work was an urban intervention at the Queen Victoria markets that sought to investigate the interactive relationships between our senses and the built environment – seeking to draw our attention away from the digital and into the real and now. The artwork was carefully calibrated to provide a playful visual experience, to emulate ‘double vision’ – an opportunity for passers-by to stop and investigate the many self-reflections that follow. The visual effects were very effective, with many stopping or re-routing to explore (in this aspect we felt the work was a success).

Check out the rest of the article and see a video of DOUBLE VISION here: melbourne.vic.gov.au/arts-and-culture/art-outdoors/public-art-melbourne/test-sites/artists-archive/Pages/office-feuerman.aspx