'Double Vision' at Melbourne's Queen Victoria Market

Office Feuerman installs ‘Double Vision’ at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market as part of Test Sites with Public Art Melbourne and the City of Melbourne.

The Test sites project at the Melbourne Innovation District (MID) presents a unique opportunity to develop OF’s research and explorations into visual perception and spatial distortion into full-scale inhabitable experiences.

Double Vision is an installation made from a series of vertical mirrored elements that distort and recondition the visual experience the city. Each vertical mirrored ‘blade’ is specifically orientated to different points in the city. Its exact width, height and form and is therefore amorphous depending on its location.

Double Vision can be orientated to specific landmarks such as a large tree or park bench, creating a semi-enclosed setting, while also producing kaleidoscopic effects of locals jogging by, or families picnicking on the grass. The result is a ‘double vision’: allowing users to see the world through dynamic environments and interactive relationships between our senses and the built environment, while also bringing about a new visual awareness of their surroundings.

Double Vision uses the city of Melbourne as a laboratory, to recondition, de-familiarise our surroundings in a playful and engaging way.