Architecture: The Picture of Health

William Feuerman (Office Feuerman and UTS) will be participating in this year’s SCCI’s Architeture Hub Program.

In recent years, the World Health Organisation identified a critical mass in Sick Building Syndrome – a medical condition wherein people suffer from symptoms of illness catalysed by the built environment in which they work, live or play.

In Architecture: The Picture of Health, Dolla Merrillees moderates a conversation exploring the relationship between architecture and the human body, with particular emphasis on the neuroaesthetic, medical, therapeutic and salutary concerns of contemporary architectural practice.

Merrillees is joined by Abbie Galvin (BVN), William Feuerman (Office Feuerman and UTS) and Luke Baxby (Deloitte), who together survey where wellbeing and architecture meet. They will examine how contemporary architectural practice dedicates greater energy to understanding the incidence, spread and control of disease and how design can alleviate physiological suffering.